“Life is a challenge, meet it” and don’t let it dim your light!

Mehrnaz Hendi

Assistant Designer

Mehrnaz received her Master’s degree in architecture from the Art and Architecture Department of Azad University in Tehran, Iran. During her architectural studies, she became fascinated with the modern architectural movement in Iran and the dialogue between architecture and urban public space which was reflected in her thesis project. After finishing school, she continued her research on architectural theories by working as a teacher assistant of her thesis supervisor, Dr. Homa Irani Behbahani and later started to teach as a lecturer at Azad University.

Her career as an architect began in 2006 at Tarh O Ebda (Design & Creation), an architectural consultant firm in Tehran, where she designed and managed diverse projects from small-scale apartments to mixed-used complexes until 2015. As a licensed architect in Tehran, she started her own architectural practice, in addition to working at Tarh O Ebda, since 2010.

Moving to the United States, after an invaluable experience in Ark Architects office, her career search led her to the RNLD office where she found a professional team of designers who are integrating the spirit of light with the built environment. As an architect who always deals with natural light in her work, she is experiencing architecture from a new perspective, with Ron’s supervision and his glorious creations with his touch of light!

At RNLD, a friendly environment where everyone has a detailed eye for design, she helps the team in production and works as a design assistant.


“Life is a challenge, meet it” and don’t let it dim your light!


Drawing, designing and making jewelry.



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